Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jason Bourne: "Run as job one"

This week I am writing a limerick for an actor in one of my three favorite film trilogies. Matt Damon became the unexpected success in the Bourne franchise and redefined the action genre with his portrayal of Jason Bourne - an intelligent, vulnerable and kinetic action hero on the run. The hunter and the hunted.

If you have not, I fully recommend seeing all 3 movies. Or see them again. The latest one won 2 Oscars in 2008.

Here's one for Matt Damon.

The Bourne trilogy has achieved a feat uncommon
Made a star-celebrity of 'baby-face' Matt Damon,
No longer chained is the action-hero
To cracking skulls at climes sub-zero
Appearing vulnerable is an emotion, he too can summon.

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