Saturday, January 26, 2008

Angular Alexander

A limerick in the 'classic' style for this week.

There was a skinny lad called Alexander
Who cheerfully bought a chest expander,
On gaining great results
Enlarged his pectorals to exult,
And knocked down an innocent bystander.

Get one!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kindle: "Catch Fire" or "A Chic Fret"

Amazon introduced a new electronic book device called Kindle in November 2007.

Just a fuss or an elegant hobby reshaper?
This new world without the crinkle of paper,
Will this novel device called Kindle
Cause my library trips to dwindle?
If it stores enough ebooks to fill a skyscraper?

More information in wikipedia here.

Get Kindle.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sound for the Inner Ear

Gotye Will Tickle Your Cochlea!

I discovered some very interesting music by an Australian band called Gotye (pronounced "gaw-tee-yeah"). Now imagine the prospect of writing a limerick about them. How do you make something rhyme with Gotye?

Here it is. I got a kick out of it. Hope you do too.

Looking for something to tickle your cochlea?
An aural sensation with edges non-linear?
Then hear the distinctive sound
It's the only way around,
Yield to the vibration of the down-under Gotye.

Gotye on MySpace.

An amazing, amazing video on YouTube here.

Get Like Drawing Blood

One final fascinating fact: Gotye is a one-person band. Wally created all the vocals and sounds on this album.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

(She Says:) "Men - Draft Ale, Beer?"

Anagram of "Female Bartender"

Recently, India overturned a law that banned women bartenders. See the New York Times story here

The Indian Courts have cleared the stage
Ruling against a woman's disadvantage
The judges were quite keen
Since it's not 1914,
On making female bartenders the new rage.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year Resolution: Keep Rolling

Happy New Year and best wishes for a great 2008.

I missed posting a limerick last week. So, there are two that will be published this week.

It seems "weight loss" is the number one goal after the holidays. Here are my thoughts.

Facing the burdensome goal of weight loss
On New Year's day, I sat with legs crossed,
And scaled my mind's summit
To seek advice from the wise hermit,
Who offered,"A rolling stone gathers no moss."