Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sound for the Inner Ear

Gotye Will Tickle Your Cochlea!

I discovered some very interesting music by an Australian band called Gotye (pronounced "gaw-tee-yeah"). Now imagine the prospect of writing a limerick about them. How do you make something rhyme with Gotye?

Here it is. I got a kick out of it. Hope you do too.

Looking for something to tickle your cochlea?
An aural sensation with edges non-linear?
Then hear the distinctive sound
It's the only way around,
Yield to the vibration of the down-under Gotye.

Gotye on MySpace.

An amazing, amazing video on YouTube here.

Get Like Drawing Blood

One final fascinating fact: Gotye is a one-person band. Wally created all the vocals and sounds on this album.

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