Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Lament of Ma Cheng

"Any Tom, Dick or Harry" refers to an unspecified person. The equivalent in China is "some Zhang, some Li".

At last count, there are 92 million Wangs, followed by 91 million Li's and 86 million Zhangs in China.

The grandfather of our protagonist, Ma Cheng, found a rare character for her name - so rare that once people see it, they remember her and her name.

However, the Chinese government says "Name not on our list, Change it" ( see New York Times article here)

I was inspired to write an original limerick. Hence,


In a vast land, where millions are called the same
An original solution, this problem overcame
I stood out as a character special
But it irks the system judicial
To be listed as someone, I need to change my name!

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